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Monday the 23-9-2019  |  Rosets and place cards

Menu ribbons and place cards. Looking for something special for your next party, you can try menu ribbons. On top we print the occasion for your party, then the menu finished with the wines. You can choose print in gold or silver.

As name cards we make small rosettes to hang on a glass. The feast occasion printed on the ribbon and on the framed center plate you can fill in the names. Can be purchased seperately or as sets.

Diameter / Width: 8 cm.<br>Total length: 18 cm.
Price from 2,86

Gavebånd med valgfri tekst
Price from 0,00

Width: 6 cm.<br>Total length: 32 cm.<br><br>Shown here in colors red, blue and seafome
Price from 2,47

Price from 5,07

Sætning af menubånd
Price from 29,90

The prices are subject to changes, and VAT are not included.
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